Mixed usage harbourside investment properties
DJ Foley have acquired or sold commercial property investments on behalf of clients with a combined value in excess of £250 million. We act on behalf of a small stable of clients who are primarily seeking to acquire investment property.

Currently we act on behalf of a range of investment clients including private individuals, Trusts, pension funds, venture capital funds and private and public limited companies.

We are particularly active in the Bristol investment market having aquired or sold many properties for clients in the city over the years. We have particular expertise in the Clifton area where we have been based since our formation in 1993.

We currently have a number of requirements on behalf of ‘cash rich’ investors. As usual we are particularly looking for ‘value for money’ opportunities where future growth can be driven by active asset management.

Our non dependence on bank funding means we can look at a broad range of investment and development opportunities and are able to act speedily in situations where a ‘quick sale’ is required.

We will look at individual property or portfolio lot sizes from £200,000 to £20 million.

DJ Foley Sign board, Park Street, Bristol.